Research, Intelligence Gathering & Site Visits

At Cakum Global, we are your trusted partner in navigating the intricate landscape of tender responses and contract mobilisation. Led by our visionary Founder, Aaron Birkbeck, our team of seasoned experts collaborates seamlessly to provide unparalleled consulting assistance in research, investigations, and site visits. Our mission is to empower you to conquer challenges and seize opportunities, ensuring your success in the most demanding and dynamic markets.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

Site Visit Mastery

Our team is well-versed in conducting on-site explorations, conducting a ‘cold eyes review’ and delivering invaluable insights, creativity, and innovation into complex logistical landscapes. We have conducted site visits across conflict zones, remote locales, and developing markets, ensuring your operations are grounded in real-world understanding.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

Supply Chain Prowess

Having formulated air, land, and sea supply chain models in Afghanistan, Australia, the Middle East, Papua New Guinea and across Africa, our experts build robust and resilient supply networks that optimise efficiency and maximise resilience. We are up to date on global best practice, and leverage the power of data integration to give you assurance in your operations.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Spanning more than 80 countries across all continents, our collective experience reflects a deep understanding of diverse markets. Our expertise encompasses the USA, Australia, Canada, South and Central America, the Middle East, Africa, Western Europe, Ukraine, Central and South-East Asia, and beyond. We leverage this global reach to tailor solutions that resonate with local nuances while aligning with your broader objectives.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

Industry-Specific Excellence

Whether it’s fruit juice manufacturing in Ghana, dairy cattle farming in Argentina, offshore oilfield exploration and development in Guyana, or gold mining in Papua New Guinea, we have experience and can apply best practices across a spectrum of industries. Our detailed research and tailored solutions enable your ventures to flourish.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

Logistics and Facilities

Our experts, including Mark Krueger, Wesley Nel, and Alistair Smylie, offer unrivalled knowledge in remote sites logistics, camp design, facilities management, and strategic infrastructure developments. They will ensure a strategy that leads to operations that run seamlessly and return value, in even the most challenging environments.

Collaborative Synergy

Our team integrates our collaborative experience, recognising that complex operating environments do not support single-discipline silos. Led by Aaron Birkbeck, our experts seamlessly integrate their knowledge and skills, offering comprehensive solutions that leave no stone unturned. Whether you’re venturing into uncharted territories or refining established operations, our collective wisdom empowers you to forge ahead with confidence.

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Health and Safety

Dr. Changa Kurukularatne, a specialist in internal medicine, infectious diseases, and tropical medicine, ensures your operations are in compliance with health and safety standards, global best practices, and that excellence in emergency response is integrated into support plans.

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Procurement and Project Management

Our team, including Doug Main and Mark Wiggins, drives procurement excellence, project management, and operations improvement. They orchestrate strategies that enhance asset management and business transformation.

Elevate Your Success with Cakum Global

In the dynamic world of tender responses and contract mobilisation, Cakum Global stands as your steadfast partner to provide you with the right information to improve your chances of winning contracts and then mobilising them within schedule and budget.

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Global Insight

Our experts, including Harrison Seidelman, João Guimarães, and Mick Burgess, bring diverse cultural insights and expertise in catering, facilities management, foodservices logistics, and program management. Their international experience ensures global success.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

Strategic Analysis

Scott Brady, a seasoned researcher and national security analyst, provides invaluable strategic insights that may impact your business, drawing from his defense and national security experience and connections, as well as providing targeted security risk assessments and the design of practical and successful mitigations that will ensure the safety and security of your people and business.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

Excellence in Plans and Proposals

Drawing from a success rate of over 95% in Technical Tender Responses, we craft solutions that marry innovation with compliance. Our experts ensure that the input into your plans and proposals stands out and resonates with your customers’ unique needs.

Meet Aaron Birkbeck: Our Founder and our Global Tender Support Expert, with Significant Remote Sites Logistics Experience

With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over three decades, Aaron Birkbeck stands at the helm of Cakum Global’s consulting prowess. His tenure as Founder of Cakum Global (and Chair of the Board of Directors at Salentis International) has cemented his reputation as a proposal development virtuoso. Aaron’s leadership has resulted in more than 95 winning proposals, collectively valued at over US $110 billion. His expertise encompasses a myriad of industries, including international government & military activities, commercial contracts, oil & gas, mining, shipping, and more. Aaron is also multi-lingual, speaking Native English, Excellent Spanish, Good Portuguese, Basic French, and is learning Bahasa Indonesia.

Five stars

“Most recently, we contracted [Cakum] for a period of three months, in order to kick off and support the preparation of a comprehensive technical proposal for a major remote site services project for Shell Exploration & Production in the Middle East. This resulted in a significant win for our organization. We have been most satisfied with Mr Aaron Birkbeck in particular, who has worked many long hours to achieve the end result and ensured timely responses and a comprehensive document response.”

Oil & Gas Project, Iraq
GCC Services, Kuwait
Five stars

“Since you assisted us, we have upgraded our processes in line with what you taught and demonstrated to us, and this has been duly noted by our clients and commented on time and time again this year.”

Oil & Gas Project, Canada
ATCO Structures & Logistics, Canada
Five stars

It is great having such a professional team pulling this stuff together, you guys do a fantastic job.

Health Project, Rwanda
Guardian Medevac, United Arab Emirates
Five stars

Aaron. I’m in awe of what you do and how you pull people towards an end result that we all can be proud of.

Seafood Operation, Djibouti
Djibah Seafood, Djibouti
Five stars

“I want to thank very much… all of you for the outstanding work you all did… in a very short time.“

US Army Corps of Engineers Project, Niger
Catering International & Services, France
Five stars

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to your company for your great cooperation.”

US Defense Commissary Agency Project, Japan
UTOC, Japan

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