Talent Identification

Finding the right talent to manage operations in remote sites, conflict zones, disaster areas, and challenging environments is crucial for success. Cakum Global specializes in assisting organisations in identifying and screening the perfect candidates for these demanding roles. With a team of accomplished experts who possess extensive global reach and networks, as well as decades of leadership experience, we are well-equipped to tackle your recruitment challenges.

We have a deep understanding of the unique difficulties associated with remote operating environments in various industries and geographic locations, enabling us to pinpoint individuals who will excel in your organisation and deliver results.

Whether you need to fill key positions or assemble a team for new projects, we have the capabilities to find the best people for your organization. Cakum Global follows best practices in recruitment and is eager to take on the challenge of supporting your recruitment requirements.  Our service can leverage Cakum’s other capabilities and extend to coordinating screening, prequalification and delivering your mobilisation requirements.



Our team expertise

Remote Sites

  • Remote sites logistics and supply chain management
  • Remote sites camp design and development, enhancing efficiency and comfort
  • Remote sites facilities operations, services and asset management
Our team expertise


  • Catering and foodservice logistics
  • Humanitarian logistics
  • Logistics infrastructure design input and operation, such as ports, airfields, roads, fuel farms and support facilities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility programs in logistics
  • Personnel (workforce) logistics optimisation

Cakum Global can provide you with well-grounded, effective solutions across the spectrum of issues frequently encountered in remote operating environments. Our collaborative approach ensures that your operations in remote and challenging environments are managed by individuals who possess the right blend of skills and experience.


Our team expertise


  • Health, emergency response and security
  • Risk assessments
  • Internal medicine, infectious diseases, and tropical medicine
Our team expertise


  • Project management
  • Business transformation
  • Strategic development
  • Strategic procurement and acquisition
  • Major capital project supply chain planning and operations
  • Operational excellence – Leverage global best practice in your operations
  • Capture/Proposal development
  • Security analysis

Five stars

“Most recently, we contracted [Cakum] for a period of three months, in order to kick off and support the preparation of a comprehensive technical proposal for a major remote site services project for Shell Exploration & Production in the Middle East. This resulted in a significant win for our organization. We have been most satisfied with Mr Aaron Birkbeck in particular, who has worked many long hours to achieve the end result and ensured timely responses and a comprehensive document response.”

Oil & Gas Project, Iraq
GCC Services, Kuwait
Five stars

“Since you assisted us, we have upgraded our processes in line with what you taught and demonstrated to us, and this has been duly noted by our clients and commented on time and time again this year.”

Oil & Gas Project, Canada
ATCO Structures & Logistics, Canada
Five stars

It is great having such a professional team pulling this stuff together, you guys do a fantastic job.

Health Project, Rwanda
Guardian Medevac, United Arab Emirates
Five stars

Aaron. I’m in awe of what you do and how you pull people towards an end result that we all can be proud of.

Seafood Operation, Djibouti
Djibah Seafood, Djibouti
Five stars

“I want to thank very much… all of you for the outstanding work you all did… in a very short time.“

US Army Corps of Engineers Project, Niger
Catering International & Services, France
Five stars

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to your company for your great cooperation.”

US Defense Commissary Agency Project, Japan
UTOC, Japan

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