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Efficiently delivering impactful insights, expert recommendations, effective solutions, and streamlined operational enhancements in the most demanding and complex environments.

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Thriving amidst adversity

Operating in remote sites, conflict zones, and disaster areas poses significant risks for businesses. Limited infrastructure, communication barriers, and security risks can compromise employee safety and impede operations, impacting successful delivery and profitability. Cakum’s expertise helps businesses navigate even the most challenging environments.

Intelligence gathering

Minimize the risk of operational failure by understanding the complexity of on-the-ground issues ahead of time.

Talent identification

How and where do you contract your staff? It takes certain personal qualities to function successfully under the pressure of demanding circumstances.

Future planning

Understand and anticipate the longer-term challenges that you will face as your operation matures under constantly changing conditions throughout the project or asset lifecycle.


You are preparing to take on a new challenge! Reduce chaos during mobilisation by engaging Cakum’s team to equip and coordinate your people and resources to safely ramp up a new project or operation..


Are you experiencing operational difficulties or seeking operational excellence? Cakum can identify problem areas and provide rapid and enduring fixes.

Transition Management

Manage complex transitions including startup, restructures, acquisitions and demobilisations.


Cakum solutions

Pre-contract Award:

Improve your chances of winning work by gaining a significantly better understanding of challenges and the oppportunities on-the-ground. Cakum offers the following business and operational intelligence gathering services:

  • Business and operational research and studies of new work frontiers and geographic regions
  • Experts to identify risks & opportunities and build strategies to exploit those opportunities
  • Specialist input to proposals including developing unique and marketable solutions
  • Business development support, identifying robust and effective business and operations partners in a new operating environment

Post-contract Award



countries that Cakum has operated in, across all continents


years of experience working closely within contract procurement environments


in contract extensions and savings due directly to Cakum’s assistance
How we work

Optimising your potential

Why Cakum

Our approach consistently delivers excellent and accurate business and operational intelligence, fostering a positive, collaborative, and outcomes-driven atmosphere.

  • Intimate knowledge of government, military, commercial and NGO procurement methods worldwide
  • Experienced and equipped to operate in challenging environments
  • Worldwide footprint of experienced and capable professionals
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We assess client requirements, drawing from diverse experience in corporate offices, difficult on-site locations, and remote work settings. This expertise enables us to deliver customised solutions aligned with client needs. Through focused research and analysis, we expedite decision-making by understanding the key issues. Our practical expertise allows us to provide comprehensive reports and actionable recommendations. We offer flexibility in our work approach, whether on-site at project locations, at client offices, third-party venues, or remotely, based on project scope and desired outcomes.

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Our clients benefit from avoiding distractions in both their corporate and project site environments. They allow Cakum to do the work required to understand the issues and work collaboratively to develop solutions. Our clients can then:

  • Undertake actions based on our results and/or recommendations
  • Engage Cakum to assist in implementing the solutions
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Our clients

A proven track record

Our proven track record of success in challenging environments speaks for itself, making us the trusted choice for Government and Military agencies, United Nations / NGOs, and medium to large commercial enterprises.

Five stars

“Most recently, we contracted [Cakum] for a period of three months, in order to kick off and support the preparation of a comprehensive technical proposal for a major remote site services project for Shell Exploration & Production in the Middle East. This resulted in a significant win for our organization. We have been most satisfied with Mr Aaron Birkbeck in particular, who has worked many long hours to achieve the end result and ensured timely responses and a comprehensive document response.”

Oil & Gas Project, Iraq
GCC Services, Kuwait
Five stars

“Since you assisted us, we have upgraded our processes in line with what you taught and demonstrated to us, and this has been duly noted by our clients and commented on time and time again this year.”

Oil & Gas Project, Canada
ATCO Structures & Logistics, Canada
Five stars

It is great having such a professional team pulling this stuff together, you guys do a fantastic job.

Health Project, Rwanda
Guardian Medevac, United Arab Emirates
Five stars

Aaron. I’m in awe of what you do and how you pull people towards an end result that we all can be proud of.

Seafood Operation, Djibouti
Djibah Seafood, Djibouti
Five stars

“I want to thank very much… all of you for the outstanding work you all did… in a very short time.“

US Army Corps of Engineers Project, Niger
Catering International & Services, France
Five stars

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to your company for your great cooperation.”

US Defense Commissary Agency Project, Japan
UTOC, Japan

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