Catering & Foodservice Logistics

At Cakum Global, we understand that every business and location is unique, and we believe that your catering service should reflect that uniqueness. Led by João Guimarães, we are committed to enriching your environment, whether it’s an oilfield, a mining camp, a military base, or any remote site, by offering innovative and dynamic food service solutions that go beyond mere sustenance. Our focus is on partnering with you to add real value to your operations, enhancing the well-being and morale of your personnel through quality dining experiences.

Holistic Approach to Menu Design

Cakum Global embraces a holistic approach to menu design, food preparation, and service delivery. We consult with experienced chefs to create menus that are not only wholesome and tasty but also meet the nutritional needs of your personnel’s busy lifestyles. Our menus undergo rigorous dietary analysis to ensure that they contribute to the well-being and productivity of your team.

Local Supplier and Development

Cakum Global can work with your catering and facilities service provider to enhance Corporate Social Responsibility programs, including the development of programs to enhance local content and engagement of local suppliers within the area you operate. This is a classic amalgamation of our Procurement, Logistics, Facilities and Corporate Social Responsibility capabilities.

While Cakum Global does not directly provide catering services, our expertise lies in consulting and assisting you in establishing and improving your remote site catering operations. We can collaborate with reputable catering service providers, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience to evaluate the providers that will ensure that your catering needs are met with excellence and perform in your environment. For established operations, Cakum Global can provide oversight and steward operational improvement and compliance.

Integrated Solutions for Remote Sites

At Cakum Global, we recognise that successful remote site catering operations extend beyond food preparation. Our consulting services encompass a wide range of areas, from procurement and supply chain management to logistics and inventory planning. We help you establish modern, capable kitchens and dining facilities that meet the highest standards of quality, hygiene, and food safety.

Successful Project Collaborations

Our achievements include a range of successful collaborations with major international Facility Management companies and food manufacturers. We have provided consulting expertise for large Facility Management tender responses, supply chain management projects, and tender response processes across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Meet João Guimarães: Our Catering Operations and Foodservice Logistics Lead

João, a senior manager with a proven track record of success in various industries, including Food Service, FMCG Retail, Facility Management and Facility Design. With a wealth of experience in operations management, supply chain, procurement, and logistics, João is dedicated to enhancing your catering operations and optimising the overall efficiency of your remote sites. João is also multi-lingual, speaking Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Turkish and basic Russian.

Five stars

“Most recently, we contracted [Cakum] for a period of three months, in order to kick off and support the preparation of a comprehensive technical proposal for a major remote site services project for Shell Exploration & Production in the Middle East. This resulted in a significant win for our organization. We have been most satisfied with Mr Aaron Birkbeck in particular, who has worked many long hours to achieve the end result and ensured timely responses and a comprehensive document response.”

Oil & Gas Project, Iraq
GCC Services, Kuwait
Five stars

“Since you assisted us, we have upgraded our processes in line with what you taught and demonstrated to us, and this has been duly noted by our clients and commented on time and time again this year.”

Oil & Gas Project, Canada
ATCO Structures & Logistics, Canada
Five stars

It is great having such a professional team pulling this stuff together, you guys do a fantastic job.

Health Project, Rwanda
Guardian Medevac, United Arab Emirates
Five stars

Aaron. I’m in awe of what you do and how you pull people towards an end result that we all can be proud of.

Seafood Operation, Djibouti
Djibah Seafood, Djibouti
Five stars

“I want to thank very much… all of you for the outstanding work you all did… in a very short time.“

US Army Corps of Engineers Project, Niger
Catering International & Services, France
Five stars

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to your company for your great cooperation.”

US Defense Commissary Agency Project, Japan
UTOC, Japan

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